Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bandar update

Mom-in-law, Bandar Murad, checked into hospital yesterday morning, June 26. She had been growing progressively weaker in the last several days, after a slow but steady recovery since her pre-Memorial day fall on her front porch. The docs and nursing staff at Metro Health Hospital are terrific. Sophie and I spent the day with MIL, getting her acclimated and discussing strategy with the staff. Beyond an X-ray here and an MRI there, there may not be a whole lot more than can do for her just now. Our hope is they'll pinpoint what changed early in the week to cause a sudden turnaround -- it could have been a sudden twist aggravating a disc or her T12 compression fracture.
Today, Sophie visited this morning, and we're headed back for dinner this evening. Looks like Bandar may get herself into a short-term rehab situation, starting about Monday. I talked to MIL on the phone earlier in the day -- she called me "habibi," which means loosely, "my darling," in Arabic. Good sign that she's not too upset. She likes the food at the hospital, oddly. And she's not thrilled about going to rehab.

Thanks to all for thoughts and prayers, as well as offers to help, from feeding the pups while we're out to helping getting us or Bandar to or fro. Very grateful for such a great network of friends and our extended family.

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