Friday, August 21, 2009

Down from "Mary Mountain" - back in the garden

Returning to "Mary Mountain" Hospital after lunch, I stopped at the 6th floor nurses station to ask how things were going. As I approached the desk, I recounted to myself that this was my sixth visit to a hospital this week.

"She kicked our ass," one of the four nurses offered before I could say anything. While the other three heads nodded in agreement, she continued: "Your mother-in-law is very sweet, but boy did she work us today." Bless their hearts.

And welcome to my world, I thought. Our world, actually. As per usual, Bandar was a hit with another professional staff, even as they appeared a little dazed and, no doubt, looked forward to their respite from the little Lebanese tornado.

Back in the Garden Rehabilitation unit at Jennings, Bandar's having her last supper with her friends. A portable CD player blares Montovani-like melodies. I'm sitting in Bandar's lair, out of the way but close enough so I can watch and listen... Everyone will miss her, her smile and good cheer. And she'll miss everyone. Everyone sees the color in her face and tells her so. There are lots of God-bless-yous back and forth. And laughter. Bandar's of good cheer, thank God. What a difference a little human blood can make.

I'm heading home to get ready for our long-term house guest, arriving tomorrow afternoon. Sophie will soon join me at home after her visit to Mama on her way from work. We're going to need to lean on each other.
Pictured: Bandar with Nurse Amber after her fill-up

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  1. Great news Steve. Tell Bandar I'm very happy to hear she's headed home. Let me know if we can help in any way.