Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The pot clangs for thee

I didn't hear the clanging. Our house guest -- laying on her back in my bed down on the first floor -- held an aluminum pot in one hand and a steel serving spoon in the other, striking rhythmically one against the other in bursts of about four to seven clangs followed by a half-minute-or-so pause, then a round of another burst and another pause, another round, and another... The loud clanging is Sophie's low-tech solution to our not having purchased or borrowed a baby monitor, yet.

A few minutes later, Sophie appeared before her to see what her mama wanted. Bandar's blanket was kicked down around her feet, but all else appeared okay.

Did Bandar need help getting up to use the toilet? Was she in worse-than-usual pain?

"Put the peat moss in the bucket," Bandar said sleepily. It was 5:30 this morning.

This wasn't the weirdest thing Sophie ever heard from her mother, barely awake or fully alert. So, not seeing any point in arguing, Sophie said, "Okay, mom," and asked her if she needed anything else. Told no, she tried to make her comfortable, adjusting her mother's legs so that her feet rested upon a pillow, which Bandar uses to allow gravity to prevent fluids from swelling around her lower legs. She carefully placed the blanket back over her mother, exactly three-quarters of the way up her chest, fluffed it over her feet just so until her mother told her it was okay. This is the Bandar way, and our lives are much easier if we follow along as ordered. As Sophie left her, she asked her mother to go back to sleep.

"She had a weird dream," Sophie told me, now joining me in the guest bedroom, where I was just waking in this pre-dawn hour. Sophie gave me a just-the-facts version of what happened. We both chuckled and reminded ourselves to take everything a day at a time, to keep asking for help and remain faithful that all happens for a reason and will work out for the best. (I admit, this rosy-outlook business all starts to sound a little "bla, bla, bla" after awhile. We can't be positively peppy all the time! But we do try.)

A couple hours later, I asked Bandar if she remembered the peat moss dream. "No, I don't dream," she replied.

"I wake up and my feet off the pillow," she said. "I ask Sophie to put my feet up on the pillow."

"Not 'peat moss in the bucket'?" I asked.

"No! My feet not on the pillow. I can't do it. I ask for help. That's all."

Thus begins another day in Bandar-Land. Not too different from any of the others so far.
Today is Day 4 of this version of the Bandar Occupation, with no end in sight.

If you have a baby monitor you can part with, let us know! The clanging works well enough, but we want to give the monitor a try.

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  1. Very sweet, Steve. You have a nice way of telling a story.