Sunday, August 16, 2009

Making friends

With a light now at the end of the tunnel, we look forward to Bandar completing her rehab assignment and coming to live with Sophie and me, indefinitely. We think she'll be joining us Saturday, Aug. 22.

Along the way in rehab, Bandar, Sophie and I have met some interesting and extraordinary people, including other patients and their families and the wonderful Jennings staff. Here are a couple of our faves.

Clarence, who comes to Jennings several times a week to visit his 90-year-old mom, likes to greet Bandar with a fist-bump and then repeat on his way home. He had seen me do same and got a kick out of it. Bandar doesn't like Clarence's hat.

Walter was living in the rehab unit after suffering a fall. Last week he got the green light to move back upstairs to his assisted living room. Bandar likes Walter -- but "as a friend."
The spoken goal has always been to rehabilitate Bandar well enough so that she may return to her home in Brooklyn, Ohio, where she lived by herself before her fall from her porch. However, the reality is that she will always need some assistance in accomplishing some tasks that she cannot perform herself and that she will not be able to live on her own again. So her children, Sophie, Sarah and Morris, and their immediate families will do what we can to provide the best quality of life we can.

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