Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rehab after rehab

Shhhhh... I'm picking up a couple trays of baklava this morning from Aladdins (Independence location) to bring to the staffs in physical and occupational therapy and in the rehab unit at Jennings. The dessert pastry is a surprise gift, a sweet treat from the Middle East to say thanks from Bandar's family for treating her -- and us -- so well during her rehab assignment. The staffs work so hard day to day, doing God's work, and for patients who on occasion can be anything but sweet. God bless them all!

Bandar and I hope to visit the Euclid Rehab facility early this afternoon to assess a possible fit for her after-care. (This is rehab after her rehab... or re-re-hab? Is there such a thing as just hab? But I digress.) We've heard great things about the place, and we happen to have reacquainted ourselves with an old friend from my high school, a psychologist on their staff who specializes in geriatric care. Looks promising.

Bandar will see a physiatrist this afternoon at Metro Health Hospital. He will assess my mother-in-law's physical therapy program and progress and perhaps prescribe additional treatments or techniques.
Bandar's last day of physical therapy at Jennings is tomorrow, Aug. 21. Her discharge is Saturday. Our lives will never be the same. But then, they haven't been for some time! God is love :- )
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