Sunday, August 30, 2009

When innovation works too well

We plugged in our baby monitor and went to bed. Clever us. Another challenge met. Handled.

With this simple aid, Bandar could alert us just by speaking, if she needed help to get up to use the toilet during the night. No more jarring "clang, clang, clang, clang, clang" of spoon against cooking pot.

Neighbors John and Pat were first to appear the other day at our door to offer us their monitoring system after reading about my post last week. (We had two other offers to borrow baby monitors as well! Thanks, Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed and blog friends.)

Conclusion: nice idea. Not a solution. The monitor picks up all ambient noises, including heavy breathing and snoring. While I can sleep through just about anything, Sophie cannot. And she's already dealing with my nighttime noises. Stereo snoring was too much.

I suspect that tonight the baby monitor will remain unplugged; we'll be back to the low-tech solution. Pot and spoon are already back on Bandar's bed.
Since the first day of the Occupation, Aug. 22, someone's been sleeping in my bed. Apparently, it's just right -- for Bandar. Sophie and I are upstairs in the guest bedroom while Bandar is on the main floor, so she won't have to climb any stairs.

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  1. Hah, hah. Funny. It's a good thing you guys don't have kids. We have a different sort of night terror. My cats have been banished from the bedroom for inappropriate behavior. About 4 times a night, the inappropriate one scratches at the door until we get up and give her whatever it is she wants. I'm so glad we can be of service. NOT!