Wednesday, September 16, 2009

You can leave your hat on. Or not.

"Where's your hat," Bandar barked, abruptly.

Strange. Bandar hates hats. The last time we three went to the hospital for her physical therapy, she admonished her son for wearing his baseball cap, which he pretty much wears everywhere.

Out of respect to his mother, Morris had gone hatless today. We both wondered for a moment if she was serious.

She did not like Morris' "long" hair, she explained, half in English half in Arabic, and wanted it covered. "Put on your hat," she implored.

Ever eager to please, Morris, 52, swallowed hard, borrowed my car keys and walked to the parking garage, returning a few minutes later with a nondescript, red baseball cap on his head.

"I don't like that hat," Bandar frowned. "Take it off."

Morris smiled.

"When she yells at me, I know she's feeling better," he said. "This is normal for her."

I know what he means.


  1. Oh, Steve dear. You do have a little bit of a queen on your hands. Remember. Heaven points. Great to see you last night. Can you remember to remind me to bring my reading glasses to our next meetup, so I can read your postings fresh off the press? Thanx, you're a prince.

  2. Missed this episode when you 1st posted it; but I'm not sure now if it's a good idea to invite Bandar to the Crazy Hat party... lol. Jon G.