Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy days at Metro and at home

"She's on fire today," Roberta said as she handed off Bandar to Deanna. It's been that kind of week. In a good way.

Bandar had just completed her hour of occupational therapy and was about to begin her hour with physical therapy.

How do we measure progress?

Bandar's more alert throughout the day. She's gaining confidence: she can get to and from the bathroom on her own, and occasionally she even gets up to walk on her own just to exercise. She's in less pain.

And her twice-a-week therapy sessions are motivating as well as showing results.

"You know, I feel better now after I exercise," she told me Wednesday on the way home from OT and PT.

Music to my ears.
Bandar works with Deanna, left, and poses with Roberta, above.
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  1. Steve.... You can relate to why I am fortunate to have my job! Treasured moments....