Friday, December 18, 2009

One small step for Bandar...

Bandar has taken some giant leaps this year, measured over months. And she continues her progress, a day at a time. Today, she worked on climbing up and down steps at rehab, one of a host of new, advanced physical therapies she's undertaking. (She tried Wii tennis last month.)

Her outlook is upbeat. She says things, like, "You know, I feel better after exercise," and, "I'm not in as much pain today." Miracle statements, as it were.

Here it is, Friday evening, and she's been up holding court all day with her daughter (my sister-in-law) Sarah, who's visiting this weekend from Virginia Beach, Va.

"I love having my daughters here," she says, smiling as she listens to her girls updating each other on the latest of life's happenings.

Life is good today for Bandar and her family. Happy times.

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