Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More pop culture in Bandar Land

"Who's that lady?" Bandar asked. "I know her. How do I know her? Why is she up there?"

Why this sudden interest? I wondered.

As we were en route to Bandar's physical therapy session, the billboard we passed near the Harvard-Dennison bridge had a huge picture of a woman with big hair and a big smile. It said something about a TV show featuring Joy Behar. (I wondered to myself briefly, how do I know who Joy Behar is?)

"She's on TV," I said.

"Why is her picture up there?" Bandar asked.

"They want people to watch her TV show at night. It's advertising. It's a billboard."

"I watch her 17 years," Bandar laughed, apparently referring to Behar's daytime show, The View. "Every day. Four ladies. They're very smart."

I'll take Bandar's word for it. Meanwhile, I'm adding Behar to the Bandar list of improbable, eclectic favorites, along with Dallas and Dirty Jobs.

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