Saturday, February 6, 2010

On compensation and Bandar care

Clarifying my post from yesterday, "Help Wanted":

We expect to compensate (pay) the caretaker we hire to help out with "Bandar care" (see post). It won't be a lot. But we can't expect someone to be held accountable and keep an ongoing commitment without payment. We'll even pay in U.S. dollars!

Thanks to several good friends who asked for the clarification. Feedback's always good. Well, almost always.

Here's my favorite, a gentle challenge from my friend in Naples. I won't mention his name other than to say it rhymes with Dinger:
"What's the pay? You are a true manager, don't bring up the juice. Git 'em hooked on the mushy stuff but don't mention the juice."
Oh, there's juice.

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