Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

Visited Bandar today. Easter Sunday.
Her gravesite is exactly 3,000 feet east of our back door -- over the creek, across Broadway and the busy train tracks -- in Calvary Cemetery. She was buried next to her late husband, David. 
Today was stunning: pretty and peaceful, sunshine and blue sky. Her favorite holiday, I believe. 
Sitting on the hillside, I recalled another Easter in 1998 that included a car ride "to see the spring blossoms" in Lakeview Cemetery, where Sophie and I would marry that August, in the beautiful Wade Chapel. The hundreds of lush flowering trees served as a cover, the excursion in reality a test drive to introduce Bandar to the idea that a chapel located in such a place might be suitable for a wedding. 
Surprisingly, she didn't object to her daughter getting married in a graveyard, or, if she had any concerns she never breathed a word of it. 

At Calvary Cemetery, Cleveland